The LIPS conference focuses on the conditions that apply for public construction, and serves the purpose to spread and advance the implementation of Lean principles and thinking in the construction industry. You can read more about Lean Construction at Lean Construction DK, (in Danish), which is the Danish branch of Lean Construction international.

LIPS is short for “Lean in the Public Sector Conference”, which is an annual international conference. The previous organizers and locations of the conference are:

Berkeley(US), Karlsruhe(DE), Washington(US), Sydney (AU), Tampere(FI), Nottingham (UK), Barcelona (ES). The 2016 LIPS conference is hosted in Copenhagen(DK) and LIPS 2017 will be hosted in Santiago (CL).

Lean Construction is an approach to improve quality, economy and compliance with project schedules in the construction sector. LIPS is a conference about Lean in public construction projects, and applies to newcomers as well as the more experienced. LIPS focuses on the practice, and has traditionally been very open on results – And the path to there. 

The conference features:

  •        An introduction to Lean Construction (Theory and experiences), and a two-day conference.
  •        Knowledge about the newest and best methods for managing public construction projects (a little research, several cases).
  •        Knowledge and debates on the framework conditions in the construction industry.
  •        Networking

The conference is divided into two parts:

  • National workshop, Monday September 12’th 2016
  • International conference, from Tuesday September 13’th to Wednesday September 14’th.


The national workshop is in Danish, and will primarily feature Danish and Nordic speakers.
The conference is chaired by Dr. Glenn Ballard, Director of Production Systems Research Laboratory at the University of California Berkeley, and founder of 
the Lean Construction Institute, and Alan Mossman, Centre for Lean Projects Nottingham Trent University, co-operator of the Lean Construction Journal, member of International as well as the European group for Lean Construction and one of the founders of Lean Construction UK.

At the moment we are inviting speakers for all three days of the conference – So keep an eye on news from the institute; we will continuously update with news about the conference!