Lean Construction in the Public Sector Conference, LIPS,  for the first time in Scandinavia!

Lessons from global Best-Run Lean Construction Projects in the Public Sector

Registration for the LIPS 2016 Conference is now open, sharing, debating and celebrating experiences on Lean Construction in the public sector from all over the world!

The LIPS-conferences are for those who procure and those who supply construction to the Public Sector, where representatives from top management,  architects- and client-organizations, unions and academia presents and openly discuss key findings in organizing, implementing and how to harvest the fruits of lean construction. 

 The participants list for the conference is now available here!

Find the presentations from the conference here!

(The list of Participants i tempoary, and may be subject to change.)

 Prominent speakers from the EU-Commission, Clients, organizations and academia

will address legal issues, risk management, national alignments and differences in the EU, transport, HSE, and the by far most advanced applying lean to all processes from administration to construction, Finland, will share their Lean-journey with us.

Read more about the conference here, and see the topics and prominent speakers at the conference program


National Workshop

September 12’th 2016

The national workshop is in Danish, and will primarily consist of Danish and Nordic speakers.


9.30-10.30: Welcome by the Chairman of Lean Construction DK, and an opening by Lene Espersen

11.00-12.30: Why do we waste time and money?

13.30-14.30: Lean Construction – An optimization tool

15.00-16.15: How do we master the tools?

19.00 Conference Dinner*

International Conference

The international conference will also feature Danish speakers, but everything will be in English.


Tuesday September 13'th:

10.00-10.45: Welcome, by Henrik L. Bang and Peter Luke

11.00-12.30: Finland’s Journey with Lean Construction

13.30-15.00: Experiences from the Buildings Sector - With presentations on UK's Lean and BIM initiatives and Norways government buildings agency, followed by a panel debate

15.30-17.00: Legal Issues, Risk and Risk Management

Wednesday September 14'th:

09.00-10.30: Health, safety & environment – the contribution of Lean to QHSE

11.00-12.30: Experiences from the transport Sector

13.30-15.00: European reports, international Reports, Action planning

Read more about the program here


The conference is held at LO-Skolen Konventum near Helsingør

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